The three bedrooms (measuring approximately 12m²) all have wooden floors and mouldings. In each bedroom, there is also a fireplace, double glazed windows with thermal and sound insulation, and electric heating.
Bedrooms will be allocated according to availability and the number of guests willing to have the same room.

THE GREY BLUE ROOM: a colorful room with a sofa bed from Cinna by the designer Brisson Claude (155 x 200cm) with slatted base and a firm 15cm depth mattress ideal for a good night’s sleep, a table bar with adjustable leg height, two translucent coloured stools, a contemporary red fireplace, a ceiling light consisting of wires and multicolored light bulbs also by Brisson Claude, and a sculpture of the Madonna and Child made from earthenware and enamel.

THE RED ROOM: a colorful room with a Cinna sofa bed (155 x 200cm) with slatted base and a firm 15cm depth mattress ideal for a good night’s sleep, a 1970’s glass coffee table, a period marble fireplace, and a ceiling light Le Banc de Poisson.

THE LOUIS PHILIPPE ROOM: a stylish room with a brown bamboo bed from Ligne Roset (140 x 190cm) with slatted base, a Louis Philippe chest of drawers, a Louis Vuitton trunk, a book-case for when you enjoy a rest after a whole day of walking all over Paris, and sit back under the gaze of a Greek ephebe.


The bathroom (4m²) is equipped with a shower, a washbasin and a toilet. This bright bathroom is very functional, clean and has a double glazed window identical to the other ones in the B&B.

You may help yourself to the continental breakfast, which will be available in the kitchen. The table may be cleared away by your host each morning for depending on the booking period. This will be confirmed upon your arrival at the B&B. If you book the entire apartment, however, no breakfast will be provided. You may also want to use the kitchen to prepare a picnic or simple meal which will not leave strong smells.

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